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  1. jackie folks left this comment:

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes one yr ago. I started doing walk at home program at that time. I started a better life style of eating healthier and portion control. I started walking with just 15 min the first time I tried the walk at home I was just to heavy to do any more. I stuck with it did a little more each day. I have lost 98 lbs 12 pants sizes, 4 shirt sizes. My dietetic numbers are on the 80. My A1c is 5.3. I am hoping to be off my meds in December. I feel great . I want to thank Leslie for doing a walk at home program that doesn’t include dance steps because I can’t dance, which is okay because I can walk 5 miles a day.

  2. stephanie left this comment:

    hi leslie. im from Sydney Australia.
    me and my lady cousins originally started doing your walk workouts to increase our steps for steptember. but as weeks went on doing workouts I began to feel great and have more energy. I have always wanted to lose weight and feel great and doing your workouts have helped heaps. my energy levelss are awesome I can now complete 5miles. its not just me we are a big group.of about 10womwn who do your workouts at home in our own timw everyday as we are all.mothers and we have kids Its the beat thing to do and its for free at home. 2montha from starting I cant say how grateful I am that someone like yourself has set up a great workout for everyone even my 2 kids whose aged 2 and 3 do it with me. I just wanted rl write amd say thanks. if we haven’t been searching youtube for some step classes we wouldn’t have known this existed thanja again walking at home is my new thing ans ive been introducing it to everyone who wants get fit.



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